In save hands with Orust Shellfish


Food Safety

Blue mussels

European legislation lays down certain procedures for safe production of shellfish which are constantly monitored and enforced by Livsmedelsverket  (Food Standards Agency).

Shellfish that are harvested from our farms come from registered areas that are tested following Swedish and European legislation to demonstrate a history of the Saltöfjordens biological integrity.

We have a full, bespoke, traceability system in place, tracking shellfish from the time and position where it was caught right through to the end user with every detail recorded.


We have introduced more random testing and now have samples taken weekly to ensure product quality  every week of production. This gives us and our customers on going confidence in our product and means that we can monitor our own systems effectively.







Quality control on site

All of our shellfish is farmed in the Saltöfjorden archipelago near Lysekil making traceability an unusually simple procedure for us. Not all shellfish producers are so lucky as they have to fish mussels and other shellfish in from other areas of the country as they are not the primary producers. Keeping track of which batch was supplied from which part of the country and then tracking which batch was sold to which customer is not something we – and therefore you - have to worry about.

Mussels and other shellfish are harvested are brought onshore immediately. They are loaded in to our bags and at this point, are allocated a batch number. Once the shellfish has been cleaned, it is despatched to a variety of customers in a number of different ways.

We have designed our own bespoke software to track every part of the procedure, from the bed that the shellfish has been harvested from, through to allocating and onwards to dispatch. By viewing the traceability report we can see all of the information that has been recorded about that batch,  how many kilos of shellfish and who it was despatched to.

This gives us instant information about every batch and should our customers want to know any detail of its process, we can supply it.